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Camping in Style – Lounge Camp Chairs

Lounge chairs are a luxury, in terms of being a possibility for some but not all campers. These chairs are heavier and bulkier than a simple upright chair. This is a concern for someone that does not have the much space to pack or store their gear. I cannot haul one of these chairs out with me, mainly because of the weight and the kind of camping I enjoy, but I would not mind having a nice recliner to stretch out and relax in. If I had a large RV and camped that way I would probably be tempted to purchase a nice lounge chair.


Like a more traditional chair you also have similar “extra” options available to you with lounge chairs. The armrests may have cupholders or a place to hold some smaller personal items, like a cell phone, mp3 player or a book. If you have a bad back like me, you should be able to find a chair with a lumbar support. You can also just as easily add your own lumbar support by bringing a small pillow. If you regularly use your chair in open sunny areas you can find a model that has a canopy that hangs off of the backrest and shades your head and upper body.

Some Lounge Chairs…

The "Serenity Reclining lounge chair with sunshade"

The “Serenity Reclining lounge chair with sunshade”

Here is an example of a lounge chair with a sunshade. There is also a pillow area to support your head in comfort. If price makes things fancy, this chair is quite the item as it sells for ~ $150. It also weights in at a fairly heavy 25 lbs. One nice thing about this type of chair is its solid build. This is not a flimsy, cheap chair that will not hold up.

The Serenity chair is available in a few colors too: gray, olive and a striped color.

A plain inexpensive camping chair.

The model above to the right is a relatively inexpensive chair that is almost like a lounge chair. It is perhaps not hardy enough to stand up to much rough camping (the uneven ground that you encounter in some woodsy camp sites, for example, play havoc with cheaper built camping chairs) but can work fine for some outdoor uses. The chair below is more than twice as much as the one to the right but is perhaps more suitable for camping. This model is a bit of a weight/features compromise that tries to pack reclining features into a chair that is not as large as a more complete lounge chair.

GCI Outdoor Wilderness Recliner

GCI Outdoor Wilderness Recliner

One nice chair that I can recommend is this relatively modestly priced, well built and not-so-heavy Kamp-Rite Folding Lounge Chair.

Nice Lounge Chair!

Kamp-Rite Folding Lounge Chair