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All about Camping Chairs

I camp both recreationally and for work. While much of my time afield is spent on my feet, finding a comfortable camping chair to settle into at the end of a long field day is really important to me. It is true that I am getting older and, I must admit, softer. I know in the past I would sit and even sleep anywhere. I just don’t seem to be as tolerant any more. A good camping chair is also becoming increasingly important to me as I age and my creaky back continues to get worse. So with years of extensive field testing (literally!) I thought it might be a good idea to put together this camping chair guide and share what I know with others.

What do you need your camping chair for?

What do you need your camping chair for?

What kind of camping chair do you want?

A Three legged stool, a cheap beach chair or a heavy duty luxury chair complete with armrests and a cup holder? There are a lot of choices you can select from when you think about a place for your butt when you go “camping.”

Camping Chair by Need

If you are going backpacking you will want to have a lightweight solution. This limits your options. If you are hanging out in an RV park and have a 42′ traveling house on wheels, this presents a much different set of circumstances. The latter situation opens up a world of possibilities, and a lot more choice. Do you need something that you will be sitting in for long hours as you sit with your friends or are you pretty active and will not be sitting for such long stretches? How about your weight? Flimsy chairs are not made for less wispy people. These models wold probably be fine if the average adult weighed less than 50 pounds. Since I’m not, this means if I buy a cheap chair it will quickly degrade and eventually break.

Beyond the Simple Choices

Getting beyond easy to answer details like if you will be backpacking or using your chair out of your camping vehicle, the decisions you need to make become more personal. You can purchase chairs that are simple, with big back rests and armrests, lounges, and even rocking chairs. You can take a look at other pages on this site to learn about some of the options available to you in each of these different styles.

Taking some time now to buy the chair that fits your needs will pay off. Is there anything nicer than being settled into your campsite and then get to settle into a comfortable chair?

Backpacking Chairs

Standard Camping Chairs

Lounge Camping Chairs

Other Types of Camping Chairs

Child in camping chair courtesy of creative commons licensed photo from http://www.flickr.com/photos/yogi/184205889/

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